Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tough Economic Times Require ...

Ingenuity. And if you're a Midas Auto Service Center franchisee, one way to control your bottom line is to charge customers for work not done. If only John Maynard had thought of this though there is some who allege that Bernie Madoff did.

The fluid analysis done by Elk Grove Volkswagen (a cheer here for the good guys) reveals that the brown gel-like fluid in the cooling system was, in fact, probably the original coolant as Midas never changed it nor flushed the system, as they charged and were paid for. On the bright side, the investigator for the Bureau of Automotive Repair, who was not amused, opined that Midas was "in trouble".

So remember folks, the entreprenurial spirit is alive in America so be watchful that you are not fodder for some creative shop owner.

Oh, by the way, I do strongly suggest that you simply drive by Midas Auto Service Centers. I have it on good authority from B.A.R. that Midas cannot change your oil or coolant if you don't stop in.