Monday, December 28, 2009

As Near As We Can Tell, It's Magic ...

Consider this a sequel to the preceding post. The chemistry wizards associated with Midas Auto Care have determined that the sample provided is simply "rust" and cannot be evaporated auto coolant. Why? Because auto coolant does "not evaporate except under extreme heat". This is why the coolant you spill on your driveway never evaporates. Oh? It did? Well, it must have happend during a lunar eclipse when the sun passed between the Earth and the Moon.

Yes, the stand up guys at Midas have concluded that their technicians did nothing wrong, that the breakdown of the cooling system had to have occurred by magic. I, apparently, angered a sorcerer who changed my coolant into a coffee colored gel just for grins.

So, just for grins, I've filed a B.A.R. complaint against Midas which will, in all probability, be the precursor to a legal action.

And so, just for grins, I ask that none of you patronize Midas Auto Care again. As their income drops, I can report that, "whoa, it must be magic."

Stay tuned.

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